"The Incredible Sadness of Sonia" by Juana Ghani

from the album Shall We Live Forever, released July 2012


Shot by Logan and Jenny Crannell

Edited by Logan Crannell   http://videosbylogan.tumblr.com


Featuring:  Sonia - Heather Gardner

Band - Brian Bonell, Leisl Bonell, Nick Newberry, Tiffin Brough, Tony Semerad, Jennifer Klettke, Byron Owens, Bryan Bale, Christopher Futral, Jason Deamer

Party Goers: Bri Bold-Knighton, Jeremy Barton, Hannah Barton, Elisa Sibilia

A Promotional Video for 'An October Evening' 2013

Music by Tom Bennett

Taped & Edited by Logan Crannell

Additional Camera by Bobby Krider

back home.  perfect.  4800 photographs.  7 1/2 hours of footage.