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The Collected Videos & Personal Entries of Logan Crannell

Return to Hotel Pablo

After a 4 1/2 month winter break, I’ve spent the last few days clearing out the studio and getting things organized for the last round of shooting for 'El Tormento de Pablo Pastoral.'  Bob and I have had long nights of drawing up set blueprints, taking field trips, and bouncing ideas around. It’s time to get the ball rolling again.  It’s time to get our groove back.  

There’s still a number of voices that need to be recorded, so if you or any of your friends speak fluent spanish, live in Utah, and would love to be involved in a once in a lifetime experience, please contact me at

On a side note, I was almost able to bring my other project 'Hands Down' to completion during the break.   But I decided that it needs to marinate a while longer, as my friends work on the soundtrack, and I dig even deeper into it’s meaning.